Using up the last of the December kit!

Still catching up on planner spreads from January!  I have a lot of fitness goals that I want to accomplish this year.  Finding a way to track them in my planner seemed like the way to go!  This is the same kit that I used last time from The Planner Society.  I matched it up with a lot of odds and ends from other kits that I used to receive from Studio Calico.

When I opened up this kit from The Planner Society, I knew I would end up splitting the pieces so that I’d be able to have at least two spreads.  I’ve already shared the red themed one on a separate blog post.  Here’s a look at the blue and yellow themed spread!  I’ve got so many different products all mashed into the December kit as well.  So while the flowers are the focal point, and they’re pretty much it for what I used from the December kit.

A lot of the other key elements in this spread are from Studio Calico.  Those die-cut leaves are from a really old scrapbook kit that I had been hoarding.  I loved the colors and thought they would go along perfectly with this kit!

Most of the washi tapes that I used in this spread are still available for purchase!  The blue plaid washi tape is an exclusive from The Planner Society.   And that teal gradient / watercolor-like washi tape that I used in the middle of the spread is a random find from the Target Dollar spot.  I got it a long time ago, so you’re out of luck on getting that particular one.  Unfortunately these aren’t a collection set, so you’re going to have to track them down individually if you want them.  The easiest one to find will be the teal hearts at the top of the page.  It’s part of a big roll of washi tapes from Recollections.  I picked it up at a Micheals store when it was on sale and used a coupon on it so it wasn’t all that pricey.  I’ve also got a strip from Jane Davenport’s washi booklet.  It’s the piece with the bird in the top left corner of the page.  I linked you to the one I used from Michael’s website.

I’m not much of a stamper.  I own quite a few sets now from different subscription services; mostly from The Planner Society and Studio Calico.  I just never seem to actually use them.  I should consider giving them away at this point honestly.  I did use one particular stamp a bunch of times.  It’s the dotted spots along the bottom row of the page.  It’s not even intended for the happy planner, since it’s a stamp from Studio Calico.  It fits nearly perfectly.  I use a Big Happy Planner, so it’s a little small for the boxes of the page, but I think it would be a perfect fit for the Classic Happy Planner.

The caption boxes are actually paper from a 6×6 paper pad I have.  I’m not the biggest fan of my own handwriting, so I was trying to find ways to fill up the boxes in a way that left them decorated, without having too much of my handwriting all over the place.

Next week’s spread is already finished and will be in my next blog post.  We took our kitties to be spayed by the ASPCA so it’s got kitties all over the page!


Everything you need to plan like me!  Please check these out!

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