Planner Set-up For 2017~!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the planners I’ll be using this year!  I’m not a fan of swapping in and out of planners throughout the year.  It just leaves me too stressed out that I’ll forget something, leave something out, or won’t be able to transfer due to the format of the next planner.  I typically commit to a few planners and use them for the entire year.

That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally swap out planners, but it’s rare.  I save my planners each year to see my progress and in order to look back on memories that I haven’t had a chance to scrapbook yet or that I didn’t take pictures of.  I’ve been using planners for years.  The very first planner that I ever had was my school planner in high school.  Each year we were given an agenda by our school for us to document our homework in and to have a calendar of the school events and holidays.  It even had functional stickers in the back!  Little circular ones that said things like: exam, no school, homework, quiz, and a bunch of others.  If I kept one (I know that I didn’t keep all four) and I find it, I’ll come back and edit this post or write a new post and link you over.   Even then I used to decorate my planners, although not in the same way.  I used to draw then a lot more.  I’d doodle in the margins and decorate it with colored pencils.

Today, it’s rare for me to draw in my planners.  If I do, I’m much more likely to draw on another paper, fussy-cut the image out and then paste or tape it into place.  I’m such a perfectionist.  It’s hard for me to just be brave and illustrate directly on the page.  I’m working on it!

I’ve got my current planners posted in the picture above.  This year I’m using a Big Happy Planner, a Mini Happy Planner and a Hello Forever Planner from Studio Calico.  I’ve linked you to all of them in case you want to check them out.  I bought the Hello Forever Planner last year during one of their blow-out sales for about $25 and I just didn’t use it.  I was still in love at the time with my Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner and I didn’t have the time to use a second planner.  The insert pages are undated so I figured I’d just save it for 2017 and now I’m using it as my productivity planner.  I keep blog and spread ideas, schedules and other business related information.

The Big Happy Planner – Make Things Happen was originally intended for me to use as my productivity planner.  I just fell in love with all of the space, the organization of the vertical columns and I just couldn’t resist using it as a creative outlet.  It holds all of my personal information, little to-do lists, some family events and is really a way for me to memory-keep and document every-day moments.  Most of my pages end up too busy for me to really use it as a functional planner.  I don’t know about you, but if the page is too busy, I just get distracted and don’t notice the truly important things like bills, appointments, meetings and the like.

The Mini Happy Planner – Stay Golden Hello Life was a giveaway reward from Plannerface and Kelizabethplans_x.  I’ve linked you to both of their Instagram feeds if you want to go give them some love!  I’m using this planner as my everyday functional planner.  I tend to scribble in here and it’s not very decorative except for the monthly spreads.  You’re not going to be seeing very much of this planner in the future sadly.  I’m just too embarrassed to show off my scribbling.

Last but not least is my Hello Forever Planner from Studio Calico. I’ve barely touched this one yet.  I’m finding it harder than anticipated to work with a horizontal layout again.  This planner is dedicated to all my blog posts, Instagram feed, ideas, and whatnot.  I decorate this planner, but not as regularly as my Big Happy Planner.  Definitely something that I need to work on!


Everything you need to plan like me!  Please check these out!


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