The First Week of January~

Hello again, I’m still getting the hang of all the features on WordPress!  I’ve had private blogs before (who remembers using LiveJournal to document everything?), but this is the first time I’ve tried to use my blogging for a purpose.  Sharing my passion for crafting!  This week I bring you my weekly spread in my new Happy Planner.  Also known as: Using Up That Gorgeous December 2016 The Planner Society Kit!

I have been considering getting my own Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas for a while now.  For the year of 2016, I used a Heidi Swapp Memory planner in the personal size.  I really loved it in the beginning but over time a lot of things just weren’t working for me in that planner.  I went from loving that the Heidi Swapp inserts had stripes and accents in a pale pink…. to hating it.  I knew then and there that I wanted to use plain inserts for 2017 or at the least, use inserts that changed regularly.  The Happy Planner inserts change regularly and I was excited to try the vertical layout.  Head over to my Instagram if you’d like to see any of those older 2016 spreads.  I have most of them back in my Instagram feed.

My first spread in my Happy Planner wasn’t one of my favorites.  It’s up on my Instagram feed but I didn’t really want to make a blog post for it.  I was still learning how I wanted to use the planner.  It also fell into an awkward period due to most of the spread being for the last week of December and the first day of January.  So instead I’m sharing with you my first full weekly spread for January 2017!  I put most of the week’s spread together with pieces from the December 2016 kit from The Planner Society.  I’ve linked you to their site in case you have no idea what I’m talking about (which is probably pretty much just my sister, if she’s even reading this).

This was by far one of my favorite kits from The Planner Society.  I just loved the bold, red flowers.  It was colorful too!  There were hints of blue and yellow in the flowers.  Some hints of teal too.  For this week though, I wanted to place the emphasis on the red flowers.  I still used some blue in this spread but I wanted the red pieces to be the star and for the blue, yellow and black to just accent the rest.  I subscribe to both their main planner kit and their washi tape kit.  Each month I get at least 4 washi tape rolls; sometimes I get 5 if the main kit has 2 washis in it.

I used the washi tapes to create borders and to cover up the headers of some of the boxes.  Even though the border this month was blue, I felt it was just a little too bright for me.  I covered it up and added more red to the spread.  In hindsight I wish that I had added more of the gray washi tape that I used along the bottom border.  I didn’t realize it would photograph so brightly.  Oh well, live and learn!

On my Instagram feed I had questions pop up about a couple of the washi tapes that I used that aren’t from The Planner Society.  In particular that black washi tape with white stripes.  It’s actually from the Create 365 MAMBI line!  I see this washi being used all the time, but I guess it just looks different and stands out here.  It’s sold in a tube along with several other washis intended for the Happy Planners.  Me and My Big Ideas named this one: Washi Tape – Watercolor.  It’s one of the older sets but I get a lot of use out of it.

The yellow washi tape is from We R Memory Keepers. I got it as part of a big washi tape dispenser deal. I hated the dispenser and gave it away a long time ago.  The dispenser was too big and bulky, it didn’t have rubber gribs under it to prevent it from sliding around on my desk, and it just didn’t work for my personal style.  I like to hold my washi tapes as I use them. It allows me to place the tape more firmly and accurately onto the page.  The last washi element that I added to this spread is from Simple Stories Washi Paper Tape Sheets – Life In Color.  I used some of their washi page strips and cut it down to size.  Most people probably didn’t even notice the addition of it since it’s under a lot of other colors.  I just loved that the colors worked out perfectly for this spread since the strip happened to be navy with red and yellow flowers.  I used it under the boxes in the first row.  It blends in so well!

All of the decoration stickers on this spread are from the same December 2016 kit from The Planner Society.  I used a few functional stickers from old Studio Calico planner kits from 2015.  None of those kits are directly available anymore, but you can regularly find them adding pieces of old kits to their sale section.  I used the leftover bits as bullets for lists.  I didn’t use that many though, the TPS kit fulfilled most of my needs!




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