The First Week of January~

Hello again, I’m still getting the hang of all the features on WordPress!  I’ve had private blogs before (who remembers using LiveJournal to document everything?), but this is the first time I’ve tried to use my blogging for a purpose.  Sharing my passion for crafting!  This week I bring you my weekly spread in my new Happy Planner.  Also known as: Using Up That Gorgeous December 2016 The Planner Society Kit!

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Planner Set-up For 2017~!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the planners I’ll be using this year!  I’m not a fan of swapping in and out of planners throughout the year.  It just leaves me too stressed out that I’ll forget something, leave something out, or won’t be able to transfer due to the format of the next planner.  I typically commit to a few planners and use them for the entire year.

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The Gift of Color

This past Christmas I was on a tight budget for gifts.  My sister told me that she wanted a drawing of a mermaid as her present.  It had me thinking about drawing and painting again.  Especially since it’s a hobby that I had pretty much given up in recent years.  So, I figured there was no time like the present to start practicing and it gave me the idea for gifts for my grandmothers.

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Let’s Start at the Beginning

Yup, just one more artsy, craftsy, do-it-yourself, planner girl blog.

I’ve been so nervous to start this, but heck, just gotta bite the bullet and begin somewhere, you know.  So let’s do this!

The adventure begins today.  I plan to bring you along on my journey of improving my art skills and sharing everything I learn along the way.  I want to share my love of planning, crafting, painting and all my future home-improvement endeavors.

I hope you enjoy the adventure!